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The Cultured Curators 2024 Buddy Reading challenge

Buddies who read together, stay together

Rabia and I (Suzanne) have known each other since 2017, where we met at a book launch event, hosted by Rabia interviewing author Kevin Kwan (Crazy Rich Asians).
We are both avid readers, and though we read slightly different genres, we love collecting books, reading books and talking about books.

Rabia enjoys reading horror, thriller, fantasy, YA, fiction, LGBTQIA+, (spicy) romance, and more. As a cultured curator Rabia often gets ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) for books to host authors online and in person and interviews them about their work. She has been doing this since 2009 for bookstores, TV, and Radio.

I enjoy reading Fiction, Multi cultural interests, LGBTQIA+, Historical fiction, Fantasy, YA fantasy, Non fiction and Magical realism. Since 2019 I’ve read Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) for NetGalley UK & USA, and have read and reviewed 131 books since then. I also challenge myself (open ended) to read a book from every single country in the world. From the 195 countries, I’m currently at 43 and counting.

That is why we decided to do a buddy read. Because we are both mood readers, and read several books and formats at the same time, there are 15 options, of which 12 need to be read by December 31st 2024. 

Any format is great (hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook), because all reading options are valid. 

We will both be posting their reviews both here and on Literal and StoryGraph.

See below our selection:

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