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Fantastic Fest ’21: The Timekeepers of Eternity

Imagine taking a Stephen King direct-to-TV movie and printing all the frames and then recutting the movie back from that printer paper version to a new movie. That is what Aristotelis Maragkos did with The Langoliers to create the 2021 The Timekeepers of Eternity.

“In this mesmerizing experimental film, a Stephen King television movie is compressed and transformed through hypnotic black and white collage animation that meticulously reconstructs and reshapes its supernatural drama to an eerie and profound effect.”

Frame show the texture of the paper

The Timekeepers of Eternity (TToE) is an amazing exploration of how we can use mixed media and the tactility of paper to ‘remix’ films. The Langoliers is a cult tv classic, due to the weird pacing, overacting, and just bad bad CGI. In reflection, TToE is a masterpiece with improved pacing, narrative, and overall visual experience that is enhanced by the grain of the print paper.

The makers really did print every single frame of the film to then recut it, almost stop-motion style, into a different film!

This is Cinema that needs to be experienced, so if you find it online, go see it!